M-2800 BG Reload 1 pack for 60 inch 98mm motor case.


This product comes with one single use 18.75 inch long M-2800 Black Gold fuel grain, eight 1/4 inch push to connect injectors, two 5-foot long 1/4 inch high pressure black nylon fill lines, three 2 foot long 1/4 inch high pressure black nylon crossover lines, one 1/8 push to connect combustion chamber vent fitting, one 5 foot 1/8 inch high pressure clear nylon vent line,  3 o-rings for use on the nozzle, four 12 volt resistor igniters with 4 foot leads, thrust curve data sheet for reload purchased and the Contrail Rockets 98mm Hybrid Rocket Motor Reload Instruction Manual.  Note that this reload is designed for Contrail Rockets 98mm 5300cc 60-inch hardware and requires a fast graphite nozzle.  Note that nozzle extends past end of motor thrust washer.  Warning each reload is for a single use using a reload more than one time can damage your hardware by a burn through or CATO.  Please read the 98mm owner’s manual before purchase.  Follow all Warnings to protect yourself, your fellow flyers or observers, your rocket and the environment.


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TMT Motor Certification Data Link for M-2800 Black Gold




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