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Website Updated September 18th, 2010
New Contrail Rockets Motors Certified!
38mm G-170-PVC
54mm I-247-WS
54mm J-277-WS
54mm K-525-WS
54mm K-500-SP
75mm K-654-BS
More Information will be available regarding the new motors soon.
Motors Are now available from Contrail Rockets and All Contrail Rockets Dealers.  The Formal Announcement from Paul Holmes of TMT is found Below:

To All,

I am very pleased to announce the first new motor certifications for 2008 for Contrail. These offerings add to their extensive line of Monotube U/C Hybrids. This is also the announcement for the first Trojan Motor System to be certified.

In the Monotube line these are all additional motors to established motor sizes, tube lengths with two exceptions. There is the introduction of a new propellant formula and a new case size in the 54 MM Monotubes.

1. G170PVC This 38 MM 16" Medium PVC motor is a 82.92 Total NS, 3% G , ..5 second burn motor, and is a good motor for those applications requiring a high average output in the low G range.

2. I247WS This the first of three motors in the new White Smoke propellant line. This is a 54 MM, 28" Slow, 98% I Motor, 637 NS total, with a 2.65 second burn time.

3. J277WS This is a 54 MM Slow White Smoke motor, the 36" version of the above motor. It is certified as a 62% J, 1031.6 NS Total, 3.8 second total burn time.

4. K525WS This is 48" version of the above WS motors albeit with a Fast injector. This motor was a very stable 76% K motor, 2237 Total NS for a 4.3 second burn time.

5. K654BS This is a 75 MM 28" Slow 66% K motor, 2132 Total NS, burning for 3.5 seconds

6. K500SP Last motor certified in this test session in the original U/C line is a 54 MM 60" Fast Sparky motor. This motor has a 2237 NS total with a 4.3 second burn time. Take note of the 60" case. There are other motors to be delivered in this length but were not certified at this session.

Finally, I can announce the first motor in the Trojan line of motors. These motors are a case contained grain system but uses DOT certified Nitrous Aluminum Nitrous flight tanks attached to a injector fitting forward closure, reminiscent of the Aerotech Hybrid systems profile. These motors are all fill and fire systems and utilize the same Pyrodex preheater and will be eventually available in all Contrail grain formulations.

1 H200BS The first motor is a 54 MM 3/16" injector motor utilizing a 300 CC tank. The H200BS is a 68% H, 268.96 NS Total, 1.37 seconds burn time motor.

There is scheduled testing of the 54 MM Trojan motor line throughout the summer in all tank sizes, injector and propellant types with the next possible session due at the end of June.

This particular motor size was the first motor selected to test not for only the motor system but to continue qualification of the repaired/refurbished Vertical test stand as well as the new load cell systems and initial full up testing of the new Hybrid fill and fire equipment acquired late last year. The vertical stand has been qualified now for all motors from the, soon to be announced, 29 MM Kosdon By Aerotech reloads, all the way up to 54 MM case size and has been utilized to certify up to 900 NS average motors with the Aerotech K805G motor being the strongest to date.

Paul Holmes

Chairman, Tripoli Motor Testing




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