1/8 NPT vent fitting .028 orifice



This 1/8 inch NPT fitting is designed to thread into the top bulkhead of Contrail Rockets motors. It is also used where the motor is vented thru the combustion chamber. When this is don the vent needs to be secured so it can be seen when venting and also to prevent it’s loss. This fitting can be used hundreds of times push the green ring and push in the hose once released remove hose while still depressing the release ring.

Venting Instructions

75mm and larger Contrail Bolted Hybrids do not require a vent hole on the top of the motor.  Instead, the motor will vent nitrous oxide through the combustion chamber.  Prior to motor ignition, the clear nylon line is routed through the combustion chamber and to wherever the user prefers.  A Re-usable Silver colored fitting is attached to the end of the clear line.  It is a good idea to secure this fitting to your launch pad so that you can find it after the motor has fired.  The Fitting has a restrictor inserted into the fitting, which allows for a positive vent stream to be seen when the motor is full and ready for launch.  Failure to use this restrictive vent fitting will prevent the Nitrous Oxide from condensing in the flight tank.  This fitting has a .028 hole and is critical to the operation of this motor.

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