Who Is Contrail?
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Who is Contrail Rockets? 

Tom B. Sanders Jr.  (Hardware Guy)
TRA #5466

Tom B. Sanders has been involved in High Power Rocketry for over 12 years.  He Began flying High Power long before the problems with the BATF.  Once the BATF cracked down on solid motors Tom took an interest in Hybrid Propulsion.  From that time on Tom along with his oldest Tom R. Sanders have flown and developed High Power Hybrid Rocket Motors. 

Tom B. Sanders Jr. is responsible for the hardware development and production for Contrail Rockets and Trojan Hybrids.  Some of the initial motors which were designed and produced by Contrail Rockets and Trojan Hybrids were developed by Tom B. Sanders and manually machined and tested for performance and reliability.  The 3 key motors which were developed by Tom B. Sanders Jr. years before Contrail Rockets ever certified motors were the M-711, M-1491 and M-2281 which are now certified and sold by Contrail Rockets. 

Tom R. Sanders (Fuel Production Guy)
TRA #5467

Tom R. Sanders has been involved in High Power Rocketry for over 12 Years.  Beginning to fly rockets at age 10 with his father, Tom R. Sanders has been involved in rocketry more than 1/2 his life.  In High School Tom R. Sanders worked with Hybrid Motors.  Shortly After Tom R. Sanders attended the University of Arizona to study Aerospace Engineering. 

The Fuel Production of Contrail Rockets, including Mixing, Curing, Casting, Drilling and Packaging is the responsibility of Tom R. Sanders.  Along with the Reload Side of the Business, Tom R. Sanders is also responsible for the Website, as well as the Bookkeeping and Customer Relations/Support. 


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