Upcoming Motors
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



What's Next You Ask? 

Contrail Rockets Promises to continue to push the envelope of performance and power with new reloads and new motors.  More Reloads will be available for current hardware in the coming months.  Check Back as we post more information on what is up and coming.

Early 2008 --  Release of new hardware line which uses a tanked style motor.  See www.trojanhybrids.com for more information on these motors. 

Early 2008 --  Higher Average Impulse 54mm Motors, New Sparky 54mm Motors, 98mm Full M's and Baby N Reloads.  Release of Platinum Performance Fuel! 

Spring 2008 -- New Extreme Altitude Motors Designed for Altitude Attempts and any Long Case Lovers!

Future Developments -- Customers, Tell us what you would like us to produce!  We listen to customer requests!

Think you have a good idea for Contrail Rockets?  E-mail suggestions or ideas for new products to ProductDevelopment@contrailrockets.com


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