High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  


Congratulations and Welcome to the Area of the Website very few people get to see, or manage to find...  In here you will find some videos of motors which are not certified, but will be at some time. 

Motor Designation Motor Specs Download Here
Coming Soon! 38/28/F/PVC 1.07 Megs
Coming Soon! 38/28/F/PVC 1.34 Megs
H-650+ (Video 1) 38/28/RFF/HP 1.82 Megs
H-650+ (Video 2) 38/28/RFF/HP 1.94 Megs
L-250-BG (Approx.) 75/3200/S/BG 6.82 Megs


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Last modified: 09/07/08