Top Gear Show 2007
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



Coming February 18, 2007 will be the return of Top Gear on BBC 2.  Top Gear is a TV Show centered around Cars.  Fast Cars, Luxury Cars, Sports Cars, Race Cars, Sedans and Gags.  Contrail Motors have been used before on the Top Gear Show but this time was different... 

Some Points of Comparison on the motors. 

  Top Gear Mini Cooper Show Top Gear Space Shuttle/Reliant Robin Show
Contrail Motors Used (3) 75mm L-2525's (6) 152mm O-6300's
Fuel Weight ~5 Pounds ~50 Pounds
Oxidizer Weight ~15 Pounds ~140 Pounds
Peak Thrust ~3000 Pounds ~17000 Pounds
Average Thrust 1700 Pounds 8500 Pounds
Motor Equivalent 40% N-7575 10% R-38000

Damian Hall and Colin Rowe (The Rocket Men LTD.) are owed a huge amount of thanks and congratulations on this project.  They, as well as many others who contributed to this project pulled off one of the most complex, largest, and most powerful projects to ever be attempted by any group of amateurs. 

This Project was featured in the November 2006 Top Gear Magazine.  Pictures of the Spread can be found below:

Links to the photos can be found here:

Page 1 (Left):  Download Here

Page 2 (Right):  Download Here



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