Top Gear Show 2006
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



NOW AVAILABLE!  Download Video of the  Top Gear TV Show featuring Contrail Rockets L-2525 Motors.  3 of these motors were used and fired as a cluster to power to car to over 80 MPH in under 3 seconds. 

For the Full Show Download here

This video is ~80 Megs, so it may take some time to download.  The full video is over 10 Minutes long, and is Well Worth it!

Contrail Motors Featured on Top Gear TV Show. 

View the First Commercial for the Show Here! 

Download Here

Special Thanks to Colin Rowe, Pete Davy and Damian Hall (Uncle Bob of Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop) for their hard work and effort on this project.  Many long hours have been devoted to making this project a great success. 

When the Full Show is Available you will be able to find it here for Download as well.


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