TMT Testing 7/05
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Below are the Video's which were shot during the first session of TMT Testing of 75mm Motors.  Below Each Video is a short Description of What the Video Shows, as well as some tips of what to watch or listen for!

TMT Testing Video 1:

TMT Video Download: (High Quality, 6.70 Megs)

This video is of an M-711 Slow Black Motor Being Tested.  Be sure to look at the flame to see the Mach Diamonds out the Nozzle.  Of all of the 75mm Motors, this is the longest burn.  The fuel shown in this video is the Black Smoke Fuel.  This motor can now be purchased and is ready for sale.  

TMT Testing Video 2:

TMT Video Download 2: (High Quality, 2.91 Megs)

This Video is of an M-2281 Fast Black Motor Being Tested.  This is one of 3 motors currently available in the Fast Combustion chamber using the 3200cc Nitrous Oxide Tank.  The Motor Starts almost instantly, and burns very quickly.  At the end of the burn you can very easily hear the sound of Nitrous Oxide Blowdown, (Gas Phase).  At Motor Burnout there is a slight "Pop" sound that the motor produces.  This is from the Cold Air from outside the motor being sucked back into the combustion chamber, and re-igniting the fuel for a split second.  This "Pop" should not be heard during motor flight.  

TMT Testing Video 3:

TMT Video Download 3: (High Quality, 1.21 Megs)

This Video is the Second Test of the Fast Black Motor.  (2 Motors are required to be tested for TMT Certification of M-Impulse Motors).  This is Video also has the Blowdown sound easily heard.  Lots of black smoke can be seen exiting the Blast Deflecting Tunnel As well.  

TMT Testing Video 4:

TMT Video Download 4: (High Quality, 2.96 Megs)

This Video is of the L-1222 Medium Sparky.  This motor also fits with the 3200cc Nitrous Oxide Tank, and 11.875 Inch Combustion Chamber.  This is a Must See Video, as the Sparks Exiting the Blast Deflecting Tunnel are Amazing!  There is a Super Loud Buzz at the end of burn from Blowdown, and then a "Pop" from the Re-entering of Cold Air into the Combustion Chamber.  The Pop Will not be heard during flight.  

TMT Testing Video 5:  

TMT Video Download 5:  (High Quality, 4.27 Megs)

This Video Is of the L-2525 Fast Black Gold Reload.  This currently the Fastest Certified L-Impulse Motor on the Market.  The Motor is the Highest Average Impulse Motor Available to Tripoli Level 2 Certified Flyers.  This Fuel has the Ability to Power The Heaviest of Rockets!  Great Black Smoke, and Beautiful Golden Flame can be seen during tests.  This Video (If Speakers Turned Up) shows the motor attempting to suck in Cold Air for a Restart but does not get enough to "Pop".  

TMT Testing Video 6:

TMT Video Download 6:  (High Quality, 3.44 Megs)

This Is the Video Which Corresponds to Video 4, of the Sparky Motor.  This Video Also Shows the Huge Amounts of Sparks produced by these motors!  There is a double pop at the end of the motor.  Note that the sparky motors seem to have hot Titanium in the motors after burn for the Popping to occur.  This video is another Must See Video!  

TMT Testing Video 7:

TMT Video Download 7:  (High Quality, 3.54 Megs)

This Video is of the M-1491 Black Smoke Reload.  This is the Medium Speed Black Smoke Motor using the 3200cc Tank.  This reload is a perfect choice for Level 3 Flights.  Both the M-711-BS and M-1491-BM Use the same Combustion chamber, and Nitrous Tank.  A different nozzle is used however.  The Video shows an impressive flame and plenty of noise!  

TMT Testing Video 8:

TMT Video Download 8:  (High Quality, 3.59 Megs)

This is the corresponding video to Video 7.  It shows the second test of the M-1491 Black Smoke Reload.  This is a super loud motor, and performs great!  The Motor has a stable burn and provides great performance for a hybrid!  

TMT Testing Video 9:  

TMT Video Download 9:  (High Quality, 2.42 Megs)

If you want Sparks this is the Motor for you.  An L-1428-SF using the extended 17.875" Grain.  This motor uses the fast injector kit, and lines.  The Sparks produced are absolutely incredible!  You have to see this motor perform to believe it.  Words don't do the video justice, and we are expecting many orders for this motor in the future.  

TMT Testing Video 10:

TMT Video Download 10:  (High Quality, 3.43 Megs)

This is the corresponding video to Video 9.  Another Great, Must See, Video!  The Fast Sparky Motors are just unbelievable!  The number of sparks produced by this motor is incredible!  A Trail of Sparks will be left for hundreds of feet by this motor when flown!  This motor is now available and uses the 3200cc Nitrous Tank, Long Combustion Chamber and Fast Nozzle.  Get yours Today!  


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