TMT Testing 5/05
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



Static Test Video 1

The first video clip is of a static test we did at one of our test locations.  The video shows a Contrail Rockets 75mm motor being tested.  This video is VERY Impressive.  The Motor unexpectedly burned through the Blast Deflector, and then started blowing away dirt from below.  This was caused in part by Extreme temperature of the motor, as well as extended burn duration.  The static test stand also shift positions from the high thrust at approximately 17 seconds into the video.

Static Test Video 1 (High Quality, 7.95 Megs)

Static Test Video 2

The second video is of another static test using a different fuel formulation.  The smoke appears to be slightly grey or black.  In this test the static test stand blast deflector was reinforced after the first video's Burn-through.  The motor was also a 75mm Contrail Rockets Hybrid (the same size as the first video).  

Static Test Video 2 (High Quality, 7.48 Megs)

Be sure to check out both videos, and also the V-2 Flight Video using these motor designs.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the videos found above please feel free to e-mail us.

Static Test Video 3

This video shows a test of the certified Slow M-Impulse Motor.  This was the first test on the new, mobile test trailer.  The Video shows mach diamonds exiting the motor as it burns.  Plenty of smoke was produced throughout the burn!

Static Test Video 3 (High Quality, 1.88 Megs)

Static Test Video 4

This test is of a Medium Impulse Hybrid M-Motor.  The Power produced was approximately a 1500 N/s Average.  This video clearly shows the power and speed of a Contrail Rockets Hybrid Motor.  It also shows how higher thrust Hybrid Rocket Motors Perform.  LOTS OF SMOKE!!!

Static Test Video 4 (High Quality, 1.1 Megs)

Static Test Video 5

This is what everyone has been waiting for!  A Truly HIGH PERFORMANCE Hybrid Rocket Motor!  A Full M-Impulse Motor, with well over 2000 N/s Average Impulse!  This motor has real power, and is a testament to why the new "Mobile Test Trailer" was built!  The Trailer was loaded with plenty of ballast (water in the 55 gallon drums) to keep the trailer from moving again.  

Static Test Video 5 (High Quality, .95 Megs) 


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