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[New!]Contrail Announces 2 New Hybrid Motor Dealers in United States. 
There are now 2 more dealers in the United States who are carrying Contrail Rockets Products.  These Dealers are Top Flight Recovery out of Wisconsin, and Phoenix Rocketry out of Florida.  We are very excited to welcome both of these dealers onboard and look forward to many great flights with them!  For More information on these dealers please check out the Dealers Page
Contrail Rockets Certifies First 152mm Hybrid Rocket Motor. 
The New 152mm O-6300 Reload is now available from Contrail Rockets.  This is the most powerful Hybrid motor available for consumer use.  It was tested with TMT in March of 2006, and produced in excess of 28000 Ns of Total Impulse.  Max Thrust was over 2850 Pounds.  The new hardware and reloads are now available from Contrail Rockets.  For More information please view Press Release 16.

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