98mm Hybrid Motors
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



Contrail Rockets 98mm Hybrid Motor Line

Now Available! 

3 Certified Motor Combinations with More On the Way! 

The First 98mm Hybrid Motors Available and Certified with over 1100 Newtons of Average Thrust!

M Motors Priced from $200.00!

Special Effect and Custom Reloads Available As Well!

All Contrail Rockets 98mm Hybrid Motors have unique features which allows for a highly versatile, simple to use motor system.  Features which make Contrail Rockets Hybrid Motors so versatile are:

--  All Hardware is Anodized and Dyed for a Super Hard Finish that will not tarnish, rust or oxidize from use or handling.

--  Motor Cases Feature Bolt Together Design that allows for easy assembly and disassembly, with out the worries that threads will get dirty or damaged. 

--  Ultra Tuff Reusable Graphite Nozzles Allow for multiple uses with the same nozzle.  On 98mm Designs the Nozzle Carrier is the same for all reloads and a swappable graphite insert is used to reduce the overall cost of nozzles. 

--  Coaxial Vent Assembly allows for the vent to be routed through the combustion chamber.  This eliminates the need for a top vent on motors. 

--  Press Lock Injectors are Included with Reloads rather than a Compression Fittings, for quick assembly.  You Receive New Press Locks with each reload!

--  No AP Preheaters or GOX Type Ignition.  Simple Ignition Method using Pyrodex Pellets.  User Supplied Pyrodex Pellets (Available at your local Gun Store) offer extremely reliable, non-regulated ignition method in order to avoid BATF and DOT Regulations imposed on AP Propellants

--  High Regression Polymer Grains are available in all Case Sizes!  Increased Regression Rates increase the possible motor combinations available in all hardware sizes! 

--  Cast Grains allow for multiple burn profiles and special effects including Smokey grains, Sparky Fuels, and other Effect Fuels which deviate from the traditional motors. 

--  All 98mm Motors fit Standard Aero Pac Motor Retainers

--  Multiple port Injector Baffles allow for low and high thrust profiles as well as every combination in between.  The 8 port injector can have some of the ports plugged during burn to reduce cost of the reloads as well as alter the burn characteristics. 

More Information:

Download Instruction Manual for 98mm Motors:
PDF Version (1.31 Megs)
Word Version (1.37 Megs)
Download TMT Cert Documents and Thrust Curves for 98mm Motors:
--  TMT Certification Documents and Thrust Curves
Purchase 98mm Hardware and Reloads in the Contrail Webstore:
--  Go to the Webstore Now!

Motor Combinations

Manufacture Designation Motor Length Fuel Type Injector Size Nozzle Speed Total Impulse
M-1575 60 Inches Black Gold (4) 1/4 Inch Injectors Medium 6547 Ns
M-2700 60 Inches Black Smoke (8) 1/4 Inch Injectors X-Fast 5990 Ns
M-2800 60 Inches Black Gold (8) 1/4 Inch Injectors X-Fast 6060 Ns

98mm Motor Hardware Photos


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