75mm Hybrid Motors
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



Contrail Rockets 75mm Hybrid Motor Line

Now Available! 

17 Certified Motor Combinations with More On the Way! 

The First 75mm Hybrid Motors Available and Certified with over 1100 Newtons of Average Thrust!

The First Sparky Hybrid Reloads Ever Certified!

M Motors Priced from $95.00!

Special Effect and Custom Reloads Available As Well!

All Contrail Rockets 75mm Hybrid Motors have unique features which allows for a highly versatile, simple to use motor system.  Features which make Contrail Rockets Hybrid Motors so versatile are:

--  All Hardware is Anodized and Dyed for a Super Hard Finish that will not tarnish, rust or oxidize from use or handling.

--  Motor Cases Feature Bolt Together Design that allows for easy assembly and disassembly, with out the worries that threads will get dirty or damaged. 

--  Ultra Tuff Reusable Graphite Nozzles Allow for multiple uses with the same nozzle.

--  Coaxial Vent Assembly allows for the vent to be routed through the combustion chamber.  This eliminates the need for a top vent on motors. 

--  Press Lock Injectors are Included with Reloads rather than a Compression Fittings, for quick assembly.  You Receive New Press Locks with each reload!

--  No AP Preheaters or GOX Type Ignition.  Simple Ignition Method using Pyrodex Pellets.  User Supplied Pyrodex Pellets (Available at your local Gun Store) offer extremely reliable, non-regulated ignition method in order to avoid BATF and DOT Regulations imposed on AP Propellants

--  High Regression Polymer Grains are available in all Case Sizes!  Increased Regression Rates increase the possible motor combinations available in all hardware sizes! 

--  Cast Grains allow for multiple burn profiles and special effects including Smokey grains, Sparky Fuels, and other Effect Fuels which deviate from the traditional motors. 

--  All 75mm Motors fit Standard Aero Pac Motor Retainers

--  Multiple port Injector Baffles allow for low and high thrust profiles as well as every combination in between. 

More Information:

Download Instruction Manual for 75mm Motors:
PDF Version (1.30 Megs)
Word Version (1.36 Megs)
Download TMT Cert Documents and Thrust Curves for 75mm Motors:
--  TMT Certification Documents and Thrust Curves
Purchase 75mm Hardware and Reloads in the Contrail Webstore:
--  Go to the Webstore Now!

Contrail Rockets Certified Motors

Motor Designation Nitrous Tank Size Combustion Chamber Size Nozzle Speed
K-456-BGS 1400cc 8 Inch Slow
K-543-BS 1400cc 8 Inch Slow
K-630-SM 1400cc 8 Inch Medium
K-707-BGM 1400cc 8 Inch Medium
K-300-BS 2050cc 10 Inch Slow
K-404-SS 2050cc 10 Inch Slow
K-678-BGM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
K-777-SM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
K-888-BM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
L-369-SS 3200cc 12 Inch Slow
M-711-BS 3200cc 12 Inch Slow
L-800-BGM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
L-1222-SM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
M-1491-BM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
L-1428-SM 3200cc 18 Inch Fast
L-2525-BGF 3200cc 18 Inch Fast
M-2281-BF 3200cc 18 Inch Fast





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