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For Release at time of Motor Certification!

Contrail Rockets Certifies 3 new 75mm Reloads and 2 new 38mm Reloads. 

Newly Certified:

G-234-HP, H-248-PVC, K-630-SP, K-707-BG and L-369-SP

February 5th, 2005 -- Contrail Rockets has certified 3 new reloads for the 75mm line of motors and 2 more 38mm Motors.  The 38mm Motors are the G-234-HP for the 16 Inch Case, and the H-248-PVC for the 28 Inch Case. These reloads both add to the already great line of available 38mm motors.  They are immediately available from the Contrail Rockets Webstore and Contrail Rockets Dealers. 

The 75mm Motors which are newly certified are for the 1400cc Hardware (K-630-SP and K-707-BG) and the 3200cc Hardware (L-369-SP).  These reloads offer an ever expanding selection to the 75mm Systems.  The Thrust Curves and RocSim Files for these Motors will be soon Available on our website. 

For More Information Contact:

Contrail Rockets
49 N. Acoma Blvd. / Suite #2/Lake Havasu City, AZ  86406
Tel: 520-990-4721
FAX: 928-680-2797


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