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For Release at time of Motor Certification!

Contrail Rockets Releases New Line of 38mm Hybrid Rocket Motors!

New 38mm Motors Certified and Ready for Sale!

October 4th, 2005 -- Contrail Rockets has certified a new line of Hybrid Motors.  The new line of motors is in the 38mm line, and geared to simplicity, reliability and performance for the end user.  By implementing a new style of High Regression Fuels into the 38mm Hybrid Market, Contrail Rockets has again been able to push the envelope of Hybrid Rocket Motor Performance.  The new 38mm fuel is designed to give a high enough regression rate that large amounts of Nitrous Oxide can be dumped into the combustion chamber during the motor burn. 

In order to avoid the need for a "2 Gas" Ignition, Contrail Rockets has implemented a new ignition method for their 38mm line of motors.  This ignition method uses a Pressed Black Powder Pellet (Commonly used in Muzzle Loaded Rifles and Pistols).  For information on specific sizes of ignition grains, please see the 38mm Motors Page

A non-pyrotechnic igniter is supplied with each 38mm Reload which will get hot enough to ignite the Pressed Black Powder Pellet.  The Igniters use the standard Contrail Rockets 24 Volt Ignition System (to guarantee near instant ignition of motors)!  The Pyrodex Pellets are easily attainable by the end user/flyer at local gun stores. 

For more information on the 38mm motors and reloads please visit the 38mm Motors Page.  If you still have other questions please feel free to E-mail us.  

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