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Contrail Rockets LLC. Certified as Tripoli Motor Manufacture

New Hybrid Motor Manufacture Certified with Tripoli Rocketry Organization

November 15th, 2004 -- Contrail Rockets LLC. (Owners Tom B. Sanders and Tom R. Sanders) was certified by the Tripoli Motor Testing Committee (TMT) on November 15th, 2004.  After review by the TMT, Contrail Rockets LLC. was given the go-ahead by Paul Holmes of the TMT Committee.  Contrail Rockets has been certified to provide the High Power Rocket Community with a U/C Style Hybrid rocket Motor, involving a non-pyrotechnic ignition.  

Contrail Rockets will be providing the High Power Rocket Community with High Power Rocket Motors using typical fuel formulations, which have been tested time and again by Contrail Rockets employees.  At this time we are looking forward to certifying our first motors soon and providing the High Power Community with the new Contrail Rocket Motors.  

For More Information Contact:

Contrail Rockets
49 N. Acoma Blvd. / Suite #2
Tel: 520-990-4721
FAX: 928-680-2797


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