Contrail GSE
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



Contrail Rockets Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Now Available! 

Compatible with all Contrail Motors from the G-100 to the O-6300! 

The Only Available GSE System made for Monotube Hybrids that uses standard extension cords as communication cables. 

Built to take abuse on and off the field!

Designed to work as a 24 Volt System to fire any Contrail Igniter, as well as clusters!

The Performance of Contrail Products...  Now Available in a GSE System!

All Contrail Rockets Ground Support Equipment is designed to be easy to use, reliable and versatile.   Features included in the Contrail Ground Support Equipment are as follows:

--  Contrail GSE Systems are compatible with all Contrail Hybrids from 38mm through 152mm.  The GSE is also compatible with all other Monotube Hybrids as well as the Trojan Line of Hybrid Motors. 

--  Contrail GSE Systems are compact and fit in your range box with out taking up room that can be used for other equipment, rockets or motors. 

--  All Contrail GSE Pad Modules have a laser etched faces.  No Stickers to come off, no Marker write to smudge and make the GSE unusable when you forget what goes where.  Laser Etching is Permanent and gives a professional look and feel. 

--  Contrail GSE is designed to work on a 24 volt system which gives enough power to fire any igniter or cluster of igniters for both AP And Hybrid Motors. 

--  GSE is priced at only $185.00.  No Add ons, No Extra's.  Everything is included at that price. 

--  Club Discounts Available.

Contrail Rockets Announces new Ground Support Equipment Availability. 

Available Immediately, Contrail Rockets Brand Ground Support Equipment (GSE). 

This new GSE includes features which Contrail Rockets believes makes this new product very durable and useful to any Hybrid Flyer today.  This GSE System produced by Contrail Rockets has been in development for months, and is now ready for release to Hybrid Flyers. 

The New Contrail Brand GSE brings new innovation to the Hybrid Market by using new features only available in the Contrail GSE System. 

Innovative features found only in Contrail GSE include:

--  3 Wire Extension Cord used for Controller to Pad Connection.  (Regular Outdoor Type Extension Cords Can be used)
--  Compact and Durable Design takes up less space than other GSE systems and is rugged enough to be used in the harshest environments such as dry lake beds and salt flats. 
--  Self Contained Battery in Hand Held Unit allows for up to and beyond 500 foot of Extension Cord to be used. 
--  Laser Etched Hand Controller and Pad Module
--  Designed to Fire all Contrail Rockets Hybrids as well as any other Monotube Hybrid Motor and AP Motors as well. 
--  Option for Continuous Filling and Firing at same time, as well as Filling then Firing with out waste of Nitrous Supply. 
--  Safe Circuit will not allow purge and fire at the same time.

The new Contrail Rockets GSE System eliminates the most problematic part of GSE Systems today…  The 4 Conductor Cord!  This cord is often just a 22 gauge single core telephone type wire which is flimsy and prone to being damaged in the field.  The Single Core Wire is small enough that they can break internally when being dragged through the field.  Not only is the wire itself a problem, but the connectors used with this type of wire are not by any means heavy duty.  They often break, wear out, or get dirt between the small contacts rendering them useless. The New Contrail System eliminates this type of wire and replaces it with Heavy Duty Extension Cords which are commonly 14 or 16 gauge multi strand wire which is designed to take lots of abuse.  They are cheap, and serve more than one purpose.

Above:  GSE System Including Pad Module, and Hand Controller.

Above:  Hand Controller with Fire Switch In Armed Position.


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