Custom Hardware
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  


29mm Hardware
38mm Hardware
54mm Hardware
75mm Hardware
98mm Hardware

Contrail Rockets has started producing custom made Research/EX Hardware for AP and Hybrid Flyers.  This custom hardware can be produced in sizes ranging from 29mm up to 98mm at this time.  In an effort to offer customers hardware which they are looking for, all hardware is custom made to the length specified.  If a Flyer wants a 29mm 7" or 9.6" Case, or a 54mm 40" case or maybe a 98mm Case that is 34.75" Long all are available here. 

Our Hardware is priced competitively to allow flyers the motor they want, rather than being stuck with what is available as an off the shelf product from someone else. 

The Motor Cases are priced in 2 sections. 

Setup Cost:  Cost to set up tooling, machine internal and external grooves, sand, polish and ready hardware for flyer.

Per Inch Cost:  Cost of Material and machining cost for OD if necessary. 

Nozzles are priced as individual units and are machined out of high grade graphite.  Nozzle Sizes should be specified when ordering the item.


Bulkheads are priced as individual units and can be modified from standard as necessary.  For Modifications please contact us first. 


Snap Rings, Thrust Ring (External), and Nozzle Washers (Internal) are priced individually.



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Last modified: 09/24/08