75mm Hardware
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



75mm Motor Hardware Information:  

Contrail Rockets Certified Motors

Motor Designation Nitrous Tank Size Combustion Chamber Size Nozzle Speed
K-456-BGS 1400cc 8 Inch Slow
K-543-BS 1400cc 8 Inch Slow
K-630-SM 1400cc 8 Inch Medium
K-707-BGM 1400cc 8 Inch Medium
K-300-BS 2050cc 10 Inch Slow
K-404-SS 2050cc 10 Inch Slow
K-678-BGM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
K-777-SM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
K-888-BM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
L-369-SS 3200cc 12 Inch Slow
L-800-BGM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
L-1222-SM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
M-711-BS 3200cc 12 Inch Slow
M-1491-BM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
L-1428-SM 3200cc 18 Inch Fast
L-2525-BGF 3200cc 18 Inch Fast
M-2281-BF 3200cc 18 Inch Fast

75mm Motor Hardware

Item Name


Purchase Product

75mm Complete Motor System


75mm 1400cc Motor System $525.00
75mm 1400cc Motor Hardware (1 Speed) $450.00  
Nozzle Speed
75mm 1400cc Nitrous Tank Assembly $285.00

75mm 1400cc Combustion Chamber $100.00
75mm 2050cc Hardware System $550.00
75mm 2050cc Hardware Complete $475.00  
Nozzle Speed
75mm 2050cc Tank Assembly $300.00
75mm 2050cc Combustion Chamber $120.00
75mm 3200cc Motor System $825.00
75mm 3200cc Hardware Complete $550.00  

Nozzle Speed

Combustion Chamber Length

75mm 3200cc Nitrous Tank Assembly $325.00
75mm 3200cc Combustion Chamber $135.00
75mm 3200cc Combustion Chamber (Fast)

Combustion Chamber for 18 Inch Fuel Grain

75mm Nozzle (Slow) $100.00
75mm Nozzle (Medium) $115.00
75mm Nozzle (Fast) $140.00



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