75mm Reloads
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



75mm Hybrid Motor Reloads

Contrail Rockets Certified Motors

Motor Designation Nitrous Tank Size Combustion Chamber Size Nozzle Speed
K-543-BS 1400cc 8 Inch Slow
K-456-BG 1400cc 8 Inch Slow
K-630-SM 1400 cc 8 Inch Medium
K-707-BG 1400cc 8 Inch Medium
K-300-BS 2050cc 10 Inch Slow
K-404-SP 2050cc 10 Inch Slow
K-678-BG 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
K-888-BM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
K-777-SM 2050cc 10 Inch Medium
L-369-SS 3200cc 12 Inch Slow
M-711-BS 3200cc 12 Inch Slow
L-800-BG 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
L-1222-SM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
M-1491-BM 3200cc 12 Inch Medium
L-1428-SM 3200cc 18 Inch Fast
L-2525-BGF 3200cc 18 Inch Fast
M-2281-BF 3200cc 18 Inch Fast


Item Name Price Buy Now
K-543-BS $75.00
K-456-BGS $75.00
K-630-SM $75.00
K-707-BGM $75.00
K-300-BSS $85.00
K-404-SPS $85.00
K-678-BGM $85.00
K-888-BM $85.00
K-777-SPM $85.00
L-369-SS $95.00
L-800-BGM $95.00
L-1222-SM $95.00
M-711-BS $95.00
M-1491-BM $95.00
L-1428-SF $130.00
L-2525-BGF $130.00
M-2281-BF $130.00

75mm Hybrid Reload Information:

All Hybrid Reloads include:

(5) Press-Lock Injectors:  The Easiest, Fastest way to connect fill lines to motor during preparation.

(2) 6 Foot Fill Lines:  2 Line Fill System is needed (a simple T-Fitting will do great).  The Motor Fills through these lines. 

(1) Low Pressure Vent Line:  Used to Vent Nitrous Oxide Vent Gasses Away from Loaded Motor and to a point where they can be seen at the time of filling.  
(1) Fuel Grain:  Fuel Grains are the fundamental part of a Hybrid Rocket Motor.  This is your fuel which you will burn during the motor fire.  
(2) 24 Volt Igniters


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