38mm Reloads
High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motor for the Avid High Power Rocketeer...  



38mm Hybrid Motor Reloads

Motor Designation Motor Casing Length Nozzle Speed Grain Type
G-100-PVC 16 Inches Slow PVC
G-123-HP 16 Inches Slow HP
G-130-PVC 16 Inches Medium PVC
H-222-HP 16 Inches Medium HP
G-300-PVC 16 Inches Fast PVC
G-234-HP 16 Inches Fast HP
H-141-PVC 20 Inches Slow PVC
H-121-HP 20 Inches Slow HP
H-211-PVC 20 Inches Medium PVC
H-246-HP 20 Inches Medium HP
H-303-PVC 20 Inches Fast PVC
H-300-HP 20 Inches Fast HP
I-155-HP 28 Inches Slow HP
I-221-PVC 28 Inches Medium PVC
I-255-HP 28 Inches Medium HP
H-340-Sparky 28 Inches Fast Sparky
H-277-HP 28 Inches Fast HP
H-248-PVC 28 Inches Fast PVC
I-500-HP 28 Inches X-Fast HP
I-747-HP 28 Inches XX-Fast HP
J-150-HP 36 Inches Slow HP
I-210-PVC 36 Inches Medium PVC
J-246-HP 36 Inches Medium HP
I-290-Sparky 36 Inches Fast Sparky
I-333-PVC 36 Inches Fast PVC
I-307-HP 36 Inches Fast HP
I-400-HP 36 Inches X-Fast HP
I-747-HP 36 Inches XX-Fast HP
J-242-PVC 48 Inches Medium PVC
J-222-HP 48 Inches Medium HP
J-345-PVC 48 Inches Fast PVC
J-333-HP 48 Inches Fast HP
J-555-HP 48 Inches X-Fast HP
J-800-HP 48 Inches XX-Fast HP


Item Name Price Buy Now
G-100 PVC Reloads (Slow) $45.00
H-141 PVC Reloads (Slow) $45.00
G-130 PVC Reloads (Medium) $45.00
H-211, I-221, I-210, J-242 PVC Reloads (Medium) $45.00
G-300, H-303 PVC Reloads (Fast) $45.00
H-248, I-333, J-345 PVC Reloads (Fast) $50.00
G-123 HP Reloads (Slow) $60.00
H-121, I-155, J-150 HP Reloads (Slow) $60.00
H-222 HP Reloads (Medium) $60.00
H-246, I-255, J-246, J-222 HP Reloads (Medium) $60.00
G-234, H-300, H-277, I-307, J-333 HP Reloads (Fast) $60.00
I-500, I-400, J-555 HP Reloads (X-Fast) $70.00
I-747, I-727, J-800 HP Reloads (XX-Fast) $80.00
H-340, I-290 Sparky Reloads (Fast) $70.00

38mm Hybrid Reload Information:

        All 38mm Hybrid Reloads Include:

(3)  Single Use Fuel Grains
(3)  Igniters
(3)  Press Lock Injectors of Selected Speed (Slow, Medium, Fast, X-Fast)
(3) Nylon Fill Lines of Selected Speed (Must Match Injector Size)  Fill lines are cut to 2 Foot Lengths
(3)  O-Rings for use on Nozzle
(1) Nylon Vent Line (Cut to 6 Foot length, and trimmed by Customer)
(1)  Instruction Manual


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